Last Update: March 12, 2024, incorporated in Wyoming and headquartered at 30 N Gould St Ste R, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801, is commissioned by the Client to render services as per the terms and conditions stipulated in the Agreement. operates as a distinct entity under its parent company, based in the United States, fully embracing the core values and services tailored to meet our clients’ needs.

The enactment of the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement by the Client is signified through one or more of the following actions: the remittance of an Initial Payment, sending an email to expressing consent, affixing an electronic signature, selecting a checkbox on a digital form, or any other means that unequivocally indicates the Client’s approval of the Proposal.


The terms outlined below shall have designated meanings within the framework of this Agreement:

Agreement encompasses:

  • The General Terms of Business;
  • The Terms pertaining to Services;
  • The Terms of Access for the Client Portal;
  • The Proposal;

Business Day: any day that is neither a Saturday, a Sunday, nor a recognized public holiday in the state of Wyoming, United States.

Client Portal Terms of Access: the specific Terms of Access for the Client Portal, as detailed in Schedule 2;

Confidential Information includes:

  • The specifics of this Agreement, encompassing any Proposal and their subjects, along with information shared or revealed by either party in the course of negotiations, discussions, and meetings related to this Agreement;
  • Information disclosed by one party (Disclosing Party) that is marked or otherwise communicated as confidential to the receiving party (Receiving Party); and
  • Any information pertaining to or associated with a Disclosing Party that is not publicly accessible at the time of its disclosure, except through a violation of this Agreement, or such information that the Receiving Party should reasonably understand to be confidential to the Disclosing Party.

Controller, in the context of an individual or entity, refers to:

  • A receiver, receiver and manager, administrator, or liquidator (whether provisional or permanent) of the person or the person’s assets; or
  • Any individual or entity who, whether acting as an agent for the person or not, possesses or controls the person’s property with the purpose of enforcing a security interest;

Disclosing Party: as defined in the specific clause related to confidentiality within this document;

Fee: the charge for Services provided, as detailed in the Proposal;

Information encompasses all forms of data, irrespective of the medium, including:

  • Documents, notes, emails, letters, technical specifications, operating procedures, financial statements, formulas, technologies, inventions, confidential knowledge, designs, plans, photographs, microfiche, business records, accounting practices, financial data, marketing strategies, client and supplier lists, employee information, reports, drawings, and any data related to the foregoing;
  • Reproductions, summaries, translations, adaptations, or alterations of the aforementioned information, regardless of whether the information has been modified, updated, or otherwise changed; and
  • Physical samples or models provided by either party for examination;

Initial Payment: to any monetary transaction made by the Client, including deposits, that initiates the commencement of the Services as described in the Proposal.

Insolvent, as utilized in relation to a party and as defined under the Uniform Commercial Code § 47-1201 or any applicable federal bankruptcy law, denotes a condition where the party:

  • Has ceased to settle debts in the normal course of business due to reasons other than legitimate disputes;
  • Is unable to pay debts as they mature;
  • Is deemed insolvent under federal bankruptcy regulations;

Location: the online access points of the Target Content as indicated within the Proposal.

Fixed-duration Contract: an agreement to offer the Services for a specified duration, as detailed in the Proposal;

Party: an entity bound by this Agreement;

Proposal: any form of communication from the Company to the Client that outlines the Services, Fees, and other relevant details;

Receiving Party: defined as per the confidentiality clause within this agreement;

Key Stakeholder: any employee, agent, director, officer, contractor, affiliate, or associate related to the Company;

Commencement Date: the day on which the Company starts providing the Services to the Client, regardless of when the Proposal is formally accepted;

Services: the range of solutions provided by the Company, such as Amplification, Content Removal, Reputation Management, and/or Monitoring Services as specified in the Proposal and accompanying Service Terms;

Service Terms: the specific conditions and stipulations detailed in Schedule 1 related to the provision of Services;

We/Us/Our/Company:, including its subsidiaries, parent companies, or representatives;

You/Your/Client: the individual or organization employing the Company for its Services.

  1. Provision of Services

ReputationEase will deliver the Services to the Client as agreed upon in the Agreement.

The Client is required to ensure ReputationEase has exclusive rights to carry out the Services throughout the term of this Agreement.

The scheduling for Services is flexible and may adjust due to unexpected situations or factors outside of ReputationEase’s control. Therefore, any provided timelines for the completion of Services should be seen as approximate estimates.

ReputationEase will not be held responsible for any delays or failures to meet our obligations under this Agreement if such issues stem from the termination of access or alterations to the service conditions by the end supplier or the Client.

ReputationEase commits to taking necessary and suitable actions to provide the Services and meet the goals outlined in the Proposal. Our approach to achieving these objectives may incorporate your suggestions or employ alternative strategies to secure the desired result.

At its discretion, ReputationEase may share details on the methods, strategies, or approaches used in delivering the Services, but is not obliged to disclose any information deemed as commercially sensitive or proprietary.

It is important to clarify that ReputationEase does not offer legal advice as part of the Services. Clients are advised to seek independent legal counsel as needed.

  1. Individual Proposals as Separate Agreements

Each Proposal, upon acceptance by the Client, is considered a standalone agreement, incorporating both these General Terms of Business and the relevant Service Terms. Acceptance of the Proposal signifies the formation of an Agreement.

The Client is entitled to request additional services similar to those outlined in the current Agreement, which will be covered under the original Proposal terms.

Requests for services that differ from those in the current Agreement will necessitate a new Proposal and subsequent negotiation between both parties.

The Company reserves the right to determine whether the requested work is of the same or similar nature as that described in the initial Proposal.

  1. Agreement Hierarchy

In cases of inconsistency within the Agreement’s provisions, the following hierarchy will guide the interpretation:

  1. the Proposal;
  2. the Service Terms; and
  3. the General Terms of Business,

with the document higher in the list taking precedence over others in instances of conflict.

  1. Duration of Agreement

The Agreement takes effect from the Service Date and will remain in force until:

  1. the conclusion of the specified Minimum-Term Agreement;
  2. termination as per clause 8; or
  3. as outlined within the Proposal.

Contracts billed monthly will automatically renew each month without additional notice.

As indicated in the Proposal, upon the end of the initial Minimum Term, a Minimum-Term Agreement will default to a month-to-month renewal, unless it is terminated according to the terms specified in the Proposal or under clause 8.

  1. Client Responsibilities

As the Client, you are required to:

  1. promptly respond to any communications from us regarding the Services; and
  2. supply truthful, complete, and up-to-date information or documentation that we reasonably need to deliver the Services;
  3. assist and cooperate with ReputationEase as necessary for the fulfillment of this Agreement, including but not limited to:
    1. granting access to relevant Client personnel; and
    2. providing all required Information, software, systems, online access, and documentation as requested by, or as necessary for, ReputationEase, for ReputationEase to meet its obligations under this Agreement.

You indemnify ReputationEase against all liabilities arising from:

  1. our reliance on any trademarks, images, or any data, Information, specifications, documentation, or materials you provide;
  2. any Service delays or failures resulting from your non-compliance with these obligations;
  3. our adherence to your directions or instructions regarding the Services;
  4. any violations of this Agreement by you; or
  5. any damage to ReputationEase’s reputation due to a breach of this Agreement by you, except in instances where ReputationEase contributed to the loss.

Unless explicitly included as part of a Service, the responsibility to back up any of your data (whether stored on our systems or provided to us for the Service execution) at reasonable intervals based on the data’s nature rests solely with you.

  1. Acknowledgments by the Client

ReputationEase is not liable for any inability to fulfill its duties under this Agreement when, in its reasonable judgment, such failure is due to or exacerbated by the Client.

The Client recognizes that the completion timeline or necessary adjustments to the Services may be impacted by:

  1. Suspension of Services by ReputationEase, in line with its rights within this Agreement;
  2. The need to deliver Services under conditions different from those explicitly or reasonably expected as per this Agreement or the specified Proposal;
  3. Changes in the timing or complexity of the Services;
  4. Inaccuracies, modifications, or alterations in the project assumptions or scope related to the Services delivery as outlined in the Proposal, including changes arising during the Services provision; or
  5. Actions or inactions by the Client, or its agents, contractors, or suppliers,

consequently, the Client agrees that:

  1. the schedule for delivering the Services may be adjusted or postponed as ReputationEase deems necessary; and
  2. ReputationEase may revise the Fees for providing any amended or additional Services necessitated by any scenarios listed from (a) to (e), subject to the Client’s approval of the Fee increase.
  1. Payment Terms

By accepting the Proposal, you commit to paying the specified Fees for the Services we provide.

The schedule for incurring Fees will follow the structure set out in the Proposal, or as detailed within the specific Service Terms.

Payment methods accepted include credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express) or direct debit from a designated bank account, unless a different arrangement has been explicitly agreed upon in writing or mentioned in the Service Terms. Services will not begin until the initial payment has been processed or a direct debit arrangement is in place.

With your authorization, obtained either through your written consent or implied from the processing of your deposit or initial payment, ReputationEase will securely retain your payment information to facilitate the processing of future payments for Services.

ReputationEase reserves the right to suspend Services without notice if payments are not made by their scheduled due dates, this action is within our rights under this Agreement to ensure compliance with payment obligations.

Should there be any issues with direct debit transactions, such as a payment failure, you consent to a $10.00 administration fee charged by our third-party payment processor, in addition to any applicable interest on late payments as stipulated by law (referencing Arizona Revised Statutes Title 44 for the applicable interest rate).

In situations where ReputationEase undertakes efforts to collect overdue payments, you will be responsible for covering all reasonable costs associated with these collection efforts. This includes, but is not limited to, legal fees and charges incurred from employing a collection agency.

  1. Ending the Agreement

Both parties have the right to end the Agreement as per the conditions outlined in the Proposal, or, in the absence of such conditions, by providing 30 days’ written notice to the other party.

Termination of this Agreement can be enacted immediately by the non-breaching party through a written notice to the breaching party under the following circumstances:

  1. If there is a significant violation of the Agreement’s terms by the other party that is beyond rectification;
  2. If there is a significant breach that remains unaddressed within 14 days after a written demand for rectification by the non-breaching party;
  3. If the other party faces an Insolvency Event.

ReputationEase reserves the right to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect if the Client fails to fulfill the payment obligations by the specified due date.

In the event of Agreement termination, the Client is required to settle any unpaid Fees to ReputationEase within 7 days. This includes payments for services rendered but not yet billed prior to the termination notice.

  1. Guarantees and Limitations

In accordance with applicable laws, this Agreement does not imply any express or implied promise or guarantee from either ReputationEase or its associates regarding:

  1. the potential outcomes or benefits achievable through the Services;
  2. the accuracy, dependability, or substance of information provided via the Services, or, to clarify, any information conveyed by us or our associates in any form of communication;
  3. any increase in business traffic, user engagement, or sales as a result of the Services; or
  4. the continuation of any existing market conditions at the start of the Service.

ReputationEase commits to employing reasonable efforts to deliver the Services with professionalism, adhering to industry standards, and exercising appropriate care in line with this Agreement and prevailing laws.

You understand that our Services might involve interactions with or inputs into systems owned by third parties (like Google and Facebook) (“Third Party Platforms”).

Our liability does not extend to:

  1. the failure of any Third-Party Platform to deliver its services to either you or us;
  2. modifications to the algorithms of any Third-Party Platform; and
  3. technical issues or malfunctions experienced by a Third-Party Platform.

If you are acting on behalf of the Client, you guarantee your authority to bind the Client to this Agreement and accept responsibility for any non-compliance by the Client.

ReputationEase does not ensure uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free service provision, nor immunity from cyber threats like hacking, viruses, or unauthorized system access.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, neither ReputationEase nor its associated parties offer warranties related to this Agreement’s subject matter, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, suitability for a specific purpose, or non-infringement of the Services.

Any implied terms or warranties that might be inferred from legislation, common law, equity, trade customs, or any other source are explicitly excluded, as far as the law permits.

Should any goods or services provided under this Agreement be for a ‘consumer’ as defined by The Arizona Consumer Fraud Act (ACFA), you retain those non-excludable rights and remedies provided by the Act, and nothing in these terms seeks to limit or modify those rights and remedies.

When the goods or services are not bought for personal, domestic, or household use, we limit our liability to:

  1. for goods, either replacing, supplying equivalent, covering the cost of replacement or repair, or repairing the goods, at our discretion; or
  2. for services, either re-providing the services or covering the cost of re-provision, as chosen by us.
  1. Refund Guidelines

Due to the specialized nature of ReputationEase’s offerings, refunds or credits for services already provided are generally not available, except as mandated by law.

ReputationEase is not obliged to offer refunds for services if the Client changes their mind.

For Clients who have opted for a Pay-Per-Removal model, charges will only apply to successfully removed content. Should there be no content removals within the guaranteed timeframe, the initial deposit will be fully refunded within seven days.

ReputationEase will consider requests for refunds or credits based on the specific circumstances, taking into account the investment of resources, time, and technology in delivering the Services. Any approved refunds will be processed using the original payment method, unless another method is mutually agreed upon.

Refunds might be issued at ReputationEase’s discretion in situations where the Services:

  1. contained undisclosed issues that would have deterred the Client from proceeding if they had been known;
  2. are significantly unsuitable for their intended purpose and cannot be amended promptly;
  3. fail to align with the Service Terms described in the Proposal and cannot be corrected in a reasonable timeframe; or
  4. result in unsafe conditions as determined by ReputationEase.

The Client understands and agrees that ReputationEase is not required to provide a refund or credit in cases such as:

  1. the Client’s change of heart about utilizing the Services;
  2. successful removal of Content, as per the Service Terms, within the Agreement’s duration, regardless of the reason;
  3. delays attributable to the Client’s actions;
  4. minor technical issues; or
  5. the Client’s decision to use similar services from third parties or their own efforts, affecting the integrity of the Services provided by ReputationEase.
  1. Liability and Indemnification

You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless ReputationEase and its associates from any claims, damages, losses, liabilities, and expenses (including attorneys’ fees) that arise from:

  1. any actions, inactions, negligence, or failure by you or your employees, contractors, or agents leading to injury, damage, or death;
  2. your failure to adhere to any terms of this Agreement;
  3. any accusations or breaches of intellectual property rights related to the Services provided by you or any third party.

Within the bounds of the law, ReputationEase will not be held accountable for:

  1. errors or shortcomings in services offered by third parties linked to this Agreement;
  2. any indirect or consequential losses, including but not limited to, loss of profits, data, business opportunities, or goodwill that arise from or are related to this Agreement; and
  3. any claims brought forward six months after the claimant becomes aware or should have reasonably become aware of the grounds for the claim.

The total liability of ReputationEase for any claims not excluded or limited by this section is capped at the total fees paid by you for the Services during the 12 months prior to the claim.

  1. Confidential Information Management

Any party (Receiving Party) that receives, comes into possession of, or is otherwise given access to the Confidential Information of another party (Disclosing Party) recognizes that such information is proprietary, confidential, or a trade secret of the Disclosing Party. Except as detailed in the next clause, the Receiving Party is obliged to:

  1. Maintain the confidentiality of the Disclosing Party’s Confidential Information and not disclose, share, or make it available to any third party without the Disclosing Party’s express written consent;
  2. Take all reasonable precautions to protect and secure any Confidential Information of the Disclosing Party that it obtains;
  3. Utilize the Disclosing Party’s Confidential Information solely for fulfilling its responsibilities under this Agreement;
  4. Avoid disclosing the Disclosing Party’s Confidential Information to any third parties or its own employees or consultants, except as required to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement; and
  5. Refrain from memorizing, using, modifying, reverse engineering, or creating any documents, notes, or records of the Disclosing Party’s Confidential Information outside of its duties under this Agreement.

The duty of confidentiality outlined in clause 12.1 does not apply to information that:

  1. Is already publicly available through no fault of the Receiving Party;
  2. Was in the Receiving Party’s possession prior to disclosure by the Disclosing Party, as evidenced by the Receiving Party’s records before the disclosure;
  3. Is acquired by the Receiving Party from a third party who is not under any confidentiality obligations;
  4. Is independently developed by the Receiving Party without referencing the Disclosing Party’s Confidential Information, as proven by the Receiving Party’s records; or
  5. Must be disclosed under any applicable law.

This Agreement does not restrict a party from utilizing or sharing any general knowledge, skills, or expertise retained by its employees, nor from using any programming tools, methodologies, or templates developed during the performance of the Services, provided they do not specifically relate to the Disclosing Party’s Confidential Information.

ReputationEase will retain any Confidential Information received from or on behalf of the Client for a maximum of 60 days following the end or termination of this Agreement. This provision does not apply to electronic communications between ReputationEase and the Client, which may be securely saved but are not required to be deleted after the Agreement concludes.

  1. Force Majeure

No party shall be held accountable for any delays or failures in fulfilling its duties under this Agreement due to events beyond their reasonable control (Force Majeure). If such Force Majeure persists for more than 30 Business Days, the unaffected party has the right to terminate this Agreement through a written notification to the other party.

  1. Respect for Reputation

Both parties commit not to engage in any form of disparaging actions or communicate any information, make statements, or take any action that could significantly damage or undermine the other’s reputation or standing.

Upon the request of the other party, each party agrees to promptly remove any content or information deemed harmful or prejudicial that has been published or posted online.

Acknowledgment of the critical importance of this non-disparagement clause is mutual, understanding that ReputationEase would not have entered into this Agreement without its inclusion.

It is recognized that violating this clause constitutes a significant breach of the Agreement, and monetary damages may not suffice as a remedy. Accordingly, the injured party reserves the right to seek injunctions or similar legal remedies to prevent or halt any violation, subject to judicial discretion.

  1. Non-Solicitation Agreement

As a condition of ReputationEase agreeing to provide its Services, the Client pledges not to directly or indirectly solicit or hire any of ReputationEase’s employees or contractors, for employment or contracting, during the duration of this Agreement and for a period of twelve (12) months following its conclusion.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights

It is your responsibility to ensure you possess the correct rights and permissions for any content and information you provide to ReputationEase (“Content”), including videos, images, and text. You agree to indemnify ReputationEase against any legal actions related to your Content.

ReputationEase reserves the right to decline the use of any Content that is deemed inappropriate or potentially infringing on the intellectual property rights of others, or if it violates our policies.

By providing Content to ReputationEase, you grant us a global, permanent, irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, including caching where necessary, said Content.

You affirm that:

  1. you own or have the necessary licenses to use, share, and distribute the Content and can provide evidence to support all content claims;
  2. your Content is accurate, not deceptive or misleading, and does not infringe on the rights of any individual or entity, including copyright, defamation, or privacy violations;
  3. your utilization of ReputationEase’s Services does not breach any third party’s privacy rights or any other legal rights; and
  4. you will use the Services solely as permitted by this Agreement.

ReputationEase does not guarantee that the Services provided will enable you to secure copyright, trademark, or any other intellectual property protection for your Content in any jurisdiction. Liability is expressly limited for:

  1. any intellectual property or proprietary right infringements against you or any third party; and
  2. any responsibility to offer advice or guidance regarding potential intellectual property rights issues arising from your use of the Services, including the use of your Content.

Your access to and use of the Services is dependent upon the payment of Fees. No additional rights, titles, or interests in the Services are provided to you, except as explicitly stated in this Agreement.

Upon this Agreement’s termination, ReputationEase retains all intellectual property rights in the materials produced in the course of providing Services.

  1. General Terms

The Client cannot transfer its rights or obligations under this Agreement without obtaining written consent from ReputationEase, which will not be unreasonably withheld.

ReputationEase reserves the right to transfer or assign this Agreement to any affiliated entities or to a successor as part of any corporate restructuring, merger, acquisition, or sale of our business or assets, without requiring the Client’s consent.

This Agreement represents the entire understanding between the parties regarding its subject matter and supersedes any prior agreements, whether oral or written.

Any modifications to this Agreement require mutual written consent from both parties or their authorized representatives.

This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Arizona, United States of America.

Our failure to enforce any provision of this Agreement regarding a breach by you does not waive our right to enforce such provision in the future, should similar breaches occur.

If any provision of this Agreement is found to be invalid under the law, it will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions, which will continue to be fully enforceable.

This Agreement may be executed in multiple counterparts, including electronically, all of which together constitute a single instrument.


These terms are applicable to clients engaging in agreements with ReputationEase for the provision of Content Removal services as defined herein.

These terms outline both ‘Pay-per-Removal’ and ‘Removal Retainer’ services provided by ReputationEase, detailed below.

These terms are supplementary to ReputationEase’s General Terms of Business, incorporating the definitions used therein.


Attempts: Refers to each individual piece of Target Content submitted to ReputationEase for removal from the online platform.

Content Removal: Encompasses ReputationEase’s proprietary services for removing online content, as specified in the Proposal and further delineated in these terms.

Target Content: Online material, including reviews, articles, search engine results, audio, or video, agreed upon by both the Client and ReputationEase for removal via the Content Removal service.

Nominated Publisher(s): Specifically identified websites hosting or displaying Target Content online. For de-indexing services, this includes removal from search engine results (e.g., Google), not necessarily the hosting site itself.

Successful Removal: the elimination of Target Content from its associated publishing platform, as outlined in the Proposal. Removal encompasses actions such as deletion, restriction, blocking, or other forms of access restriction determined by ReputationEase.

Submission: Correspondence between ReputationEase and the Nominated Publisher regarding the removal of Target Content.



In accordance with the Proposal terms, ReputationEase undertakes to deliver, and the Client agrees to compensate for, the Content Removal services outlined in these Terms and the General Terms of Business.

A deposit may be required by ReputationEase prior to initiating Content Removal services, and services will commence only upon settlement of any outstanding balances.

ReputationEase commits to informing the Client of successful removals before invoicing the remaining Fees, processed through the agreed-upon payment method.

ReputationEase acknowledges that deposits may be refunded if it fails to remove any Target Content within the agreed-upon timeframe, typically sixty (60) days from deposit payment. Otherwise, refund procedures align with ReputationEase’s Refund Policy per the General Terms of Business.

Under the first clause of this section, the Client relinquishes any claims to be responsible for content removal. This includes refraining from contacting authors, engaging third-party companies for similar tasks, or seeking legal representation for removal efforts.


ReputationEase will employ its own strategies for delivering Content Removal Services, which may or may not incorporate information provided by the Client.

The Company retains discretion over whether to consider, accept, or follow any client-provided instructions, directives, or strategies at any stage of service provision.

ReputationEase does not assure permanent removal of specific Target Content, either in part or in full.

Unless explicitly authorized in writing by the Client, ReputationEase will refrain from direct communication with the author(s) of Target Content. Instead, the focus of Content Removal services primarily centers on engaging with Nominated Publisher(s) regarding content removal.

Refunds & Guarantees

ReputationEase does not provide refunds for deposits or payments once Services have commenced or are underway. The Company may, at its discretion, offer credits or discounts but is not obligated to issue refunds except as mandated by The Arizona Consumer Fraud Act (ACFA).

As part of bundled packages, ReputationEase may extend discounted rates for Content Removal services alongside other services like Amplify or Watchdog. These discounts are subject to adjustment, modification, or revocation if other services within the package are canceled. Any discounts granted for supplementary services within a package containing Content Removal services may be amended or withdrawn at ReputationEase’s discretion upon cancellation.

In cases where negative content is reposted on the publishing platform by users, ReputationEase may, at its discretion, attempt removal again at no cost or offer a discounted rate, but is not obligated to do so.

For clients with 50 or fewer content pieces, ReputationEase requires access to work on the identified content for a minimum of 3 months, after which termination can occur as outlined in the Proposal or under Clause 8 conditions.

For clients with more than 50 content pieces, ReputationEase requires access for a minimum of 6 months before termination can be initiated as per the Proposal or Clause 8 conditions.


Terms of Service (Content Removal – Removal Retainers) – Supply of Services


In accordance with the Proposal terms, ReputationEase agrees to deliver Removal Retainer services, and the Client commits to paying the associated Fees, aligning with these Terms and the Company’s General Terms of Business.

An Initial Payment is obligatory before the initiation of Removal Retainer services, and no service delivery will commence until all outstanding balances are settled.


Regular progress reports will be provided to the Client, offering scheduled updates on removals throughout the project.

ReputationEase will employ its own methodologies in providing Removal Retainer Services, which may or may not integrate external information from the Client.

While the Company is not obliged to adhere to Client-provided instructions or strategies, it may consider them at its discretion during service provision.

For effective communication with publishing platforms, ReputationEase may request Client authorization for one or more of the Company’s own accounts.

Refunds & Guarantees

ReputationEase won’t directly engage with the author(s) of Target Content unless specifically authorized by the Client. The focus of Removal Retainer services remains primarily on liaising with Nominated Publishers for content removal.

At its discretion, the Company may offer discounted rates for Content Removal services bundled with other offerings like Amplify or Watchdog. These discounts are subject to adjustment or revocation if other services are canceled.

Clients bound by a Minimum-term Agreement must fulfill the entire term, with early termination resulting in liability for the remaining agreement duration unless otherwise agreed upon in the Proposal.


Terms of Service (Content Removal) – Client Acknowledgments

Removals & Fees

The Client acknowledges and agrees that any Successful Removal achieved during the agreed-upon period will be attributed to the Company, and the Fees for the removed Target Content will be invoiced in full. The Client expressly waives all rights to claim responsibility for content removal, including but not limited to engaging with the content’s author directly, hiring third-party firms for similar services, or involving legal representation for content removal from the author or publishing platform. Termination of the Agreement results in the forfeiture of any holding deposit paid to the Company as outlined in the Proposal.

The Client acknowledges that the Content Removal services provided by ReputationEase encompass solely the attempted removal of Target Content from the designated Nominated Publisher(s). Payment obligation arises only for Target Content successfully removed in accordance with this Agreement.


The Client grants authorization to ReputationEase, where applicable, to engage with Nominated Publishers on their behalf for the purpose of addressing the Target Content.

Refunds & Guarantees

The Client acknowledges that the Company holds no responsibility if the specified Target Content is re-uploaded to the publishing site or distributed to other platforms not specified in the Agreement, within or beyond the agreed-upon term.

The Client accepts that the Company may request information and materials to facilitate Content Removal services. Delays resulting from inadequate or unreasonably slow communication from the Client may extend the guaranteed term for content removal.

The Client understands that ReputationEase cannot prevent users from posting content on publishing platforms and does not ensure that users will refrain from reposting previously removed content.

The Client recognizes that the Company does not guarantee the complete removal of Target Content, either in part or in full.

In the event of early termination of Content Removal services, the Client acknowledges that no refunds will be issued for payments or deposits made, considering the Company may have initiated irreversible removal submissions. The Client remains liable for the outstanding balance if the Target Content is successfully removed.

The Client understands that Nominated Publishers may occasionally inform the original content author about Content Removal actions, over which the Company has no control.

The Client agrees that the Company is not accountable if the Target Content is modified by the author or publisher and reposted in a new form after its removal.

Authorization & Defaults

The Client agrees that, when included in a Removal Retainer, ReputationEase is authorized to address newly generated negative content on relevant publishing platforms.

The Client acknowledges that the Company is not obligated to exceed the specified number of Attempts on Target Content outlined in the Proposal.

In the event of default on agreed-upon payments, as per the Proposal terms, the Company may choose to suspend further service provision until outstanding balances are settled.

In case of non-payment, the Company reserves the right to attempt to restore the original Target Content on the relevant Publishing Platform.

The Client understands that failure to make payments may result in immediate cessation of services until the outstanding balance is resolved, with no obligation for the Company to resume service provision.